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"This movie really deserves to be seen by a wide audience." ~ Steve Abraham


First I cannot believe that this incredible movie was made for just under $15,000. It was highly professional with excellent direction, excellent screenplay with an intense storyline and subject matter of teen bullying and suicide.

The dialogue was very smart. The score was first rate. As was the cinematography. I'm leaving the best for last, the two lead actors: Max MacKenzie and Katerina Eichenberger made their characters very likable, sympathetic and interesting. I was rooting for both of them. So much so that it was good that I saw it at home, since I tended to address the screen with my feelings during many scenes.

The ups and downs of this boy's life took an emotional toll on me. It really took me to heart. This movie really deserves to be seen by a wide audience.

~ Steve Abraham was former distributor for Miramax Film Corp. and Columbia Pictures.

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