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“A beautifully constructed emotional rollercoaster -" ~ Chantelle Partridge, The Cinematic Explorer

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

A beautifully constructed emotional rollercoaster that manages to ebb into every facet of life as we know it.

Jesse (Max MacKenzie) is a kid like no other, he has a drunk for a father and a mother who was a victim to suicide; and all this before the age of sixteen. His only saving grace in his ever-deteriorating existence is his best friend, Sarah (Katerina Eichenberger).

A film with suicide at its core is never an easy subject to breach, especially in the marketplace of independent productions. Though new(ish) to the film industry, the team behind this production manages to tackle this enormously complex labyrinth of feelings with such ease it’s as though Director, Matt Walting, has been constructing such wonderfully unique dynamics for years...

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